Thursday3Some: The Pendant’s Promise by Judythe Morgan

My friend Judythe Morgan stopped by for Thursday3Some today. Before she answers the 3 Thursday questions, let me tell you more about this multi-talented woman.

About Judythe Morgan

Award-winning author Judythe Morgan juggles many hats. She’s an Air Force daughter, Army wife, one time-Department of Army Civilian, mother/grandmother, antiques dealer, teacher, mayor’s wife, and sometimes church pianist.

Her characters come to life because of her diverse experiences. You’ll always find a happily-ever-after ending in her stories because she believes in true love, second chances, and forgiveness.

If she’s not at her computer working on her next story, she’s reading or hiking with her real life hero and their two canine babies in the nearby Rio Grande National Forest.

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About The Pendant’s Promise

Twenty years after they met in South Korea during the Vietnam War, Lily and Alex meet again. Old passions return, but Alex feels betrayed by Lily’s fabricated marriage and widowhood. Lily believes revealing the truth could cost her the only man she’s ever loved and her daughter. Will the flame of love be strong enough to re-ignite, or, have there been too many lies?

When did you write The Pendant’s Promise?

The Pendant’s Promise is my debut novel, released in 2012. More importantly, it is the book of my heart. Authors are told to write what they know and that’s what I did with The Pendant’s Promise. The setting and many of the scenes come from personal experiences in the military.

What was the spark that gave you the story idea?

During the Vietnam War, I joined my husband on his unaccompanied tour in South Korea. I ended up working as a DAC (Department of Army Civilian) at 8th Army Headquarters, Yongsan. I wasn’t the only wife/girlfriend who followed her soldier. Watching the commitment of these couples and hearing the longing for loved ones back home in the voices of the soldiers, the seed of a love story took root in my head. Many what ifs, title changes, and editorial input transformed the story many times before The Pendant’s Promise took shape as a book. I think, like your first love, this story will always be my favorite.

Why do readers buy The Pendant’s Promise?

The Pendant’s Promise is a clean and wholesome love story set during the Vietnam Era based on the premise—some love lasts a lifetime, true love lasts forever. Readers, whether they lived in that era or not, are drawn to the setting and military environment. The premise appeals to romance readers, who look for those happy endings, and here's what Amazon Reviewers say:

The Pendant's Promise is a complex and emotional tale, woven slowly and exquisitely, through the connections of an extended cast of well-drawn characters you will come to know as you struggle with Lily and her conscience and the far-reaching consequences of a life built on a lie.

If you love emotional and moving romance and family drama, you'll love this book!

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Takeaway Truth

Looking for a romance that's a bit different? Add The Pendant's Promise to your reading list.

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