Sometimes Finishing Is A Win

I want to share a favorite quote with you that might take some of the pressure off you perfectionists. Sadly, I am a perfectionist though I keep trying to change that bad habit.


Several months ago, I committed to writing a novella for a romance collection. What with one thing and another--and another and another and another {sigh}--I didn't start the project until mid-March.

Then of course the storms of life hit. So I contented myself with plotting the story and all that pre-writing activity that must occur before one actually begins writing.

I was down to the wire on getting the novella finished, but I was determined to get it written.

Here Comes The Quote

Manuel Diotte said: Winning isn't always finishing first. Sometimes winning is just finishing.

That's how I feel when I turned in my novella to the wonderful Mona Risk who was doing the format for Weddings on Main Street.

By that point, I didn't know if it was a good story or a pile of you-know-what, BUT I had finished it, and therein lay the triumph.

Giveaway Today

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Takeaway Truth

I'll leave you with another quote today. Joseph Joubert said: Genius begins great works; labor alone finishes them. 

Now begins the process of winning again by finishing the book I was writing last year in the midst of all that moving.

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