How To Dispute a YouTube Copyright Strike

Today I want to tell you about something that will probably happen when you upload a video with music to YouTube.

If the music you use came from an online library or even if it was music you licensed, then it will probably trigger an automated notice of copyright infringement from YouTube. This is a good thing because it shows that YouTube is trying to protect the rights of musicians, composers, and performers.

This is normal, but I didn't know that. The first time I uploaded a video, this happened and it shocked and devastated me. Why devastated? Because as an author, I respect copyright and would never do anything to infringe another's copyright.

Unfortunately, there's no way on YouTube to ask for help or explanations. I didn't even know what to do about the situation because I knew I was in the right. I stumbled around until I found out what to do.

How To Dispute A Copyright Strike

1. About a minute or so after you upload a video, the music on the video will trigger an automated notice. Next to the video you'll see a notice of a Copyright Strike or infringement. In your Video Manager, you'll see Copyright Notices. Click on it.

2. A window will open with information about your song and that explains why you got the notice. You'll see a button to remove the music or to Dispute the copyright strike. Click to DISPUTE the notice. Fill out the form giving the reason why you say you have the legal right to use the music.

Example, if you obtained the music as a Registered User on Animoto: "The music on this video was obtained from the Animoto Music Library and is licensed for use by Animoto Registered Users. I am an Animoto Registered User."

3. You'll have to "sign" your legal name to the claim form.

4. Submit the claim. You'll have to affirm a couple of times that you wish to dispute the claim. Hang in there and keep doing it. You'll feel as if they're trying to coerce you not to dispute the claim so just follow the procedure.

5. You'll receive acknowledgement of your claim filed along with a date that the dispute will be resolved.

6. Check your Video Manager to make sure the claim has been resolved.

Takeaway Truth

Video is another tool in your promotion/publicity tool box so learn how to use it.

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