Review: Smart Phone Wallet with Shoulder Strap

I have a complaint about women's clothing. I wish it were designed like clothing for men: with pockets. It's hard to find slacks, skirts, shirts, etc. with pockets. Fashion gurus say even if a woman's clothing has pockets, she should never put anything in them because it spoils the lines of the clothing.


I want a pocket in which to stash my cell phone so it goes where I go. Instead, I'm constantly leaving my cell phone around. If I'm in the kitchen, I set it on the counter. Half the time, I walk out with it still on the counter. Same thing if I'm in the office. The phone gets placed on the desk. If I have to run downstairs for something, the cell phone stays on the desk. I can't hear it ring if I'm down and it's up.

Just keeping up with the darn thing is frustrating. I'm not the only woman who has trouble with this. You see women juggling cell phones, car keys, handbags, etc. in restaurants, stores, and other places.

After missing several calls last month, I decided there had to be a better way to keep up with it. So I searched Amazon and found cute little cases with shoulder straps or ring clips. I ordered 2 of the cases with a shoulder strap large enough to place it across my body.

Why 2?

The first one I ordered was the Universal Smart Wallet/pouch with Shoulder Strap which came in several colors. It cost only $7.99. I liked the way it looked, but I was afraid the photo might make it look better than it actually was. So I decided to order another more expensive one as well. I found one for twice the price that was black.

The first to arrive was the blue one (cheap at $7.99) in 2 days. It was packed nicely in a box. It looked great. Nice material, well-made, and well-designed. I admit I was surprised. I tucked my iPhone into it immediately. Even in its gel case, the phone fit well. Every day I put the strap across crosswise and wore the phone all the time. When I walked to the mailbox, I could even hook my mail box key ring on the strap. Loved it!

Finally, the black one (expensive) arrived. What a cheap product. The material was the cheapest vinyl. The stitching was uneven. The clasp wasn't centered. The strap was thin and fragile. Oh, and it arrived in  a brown mailing envelope with no padding or order slip or anything.

I contacted Amazon immediately. They started the return process. I taped on the return label Amazon sent me. The next day UPS showed up and took the item away.

That's one reason I order so many products through Amazon. They are the best at fulfillment and in customer service for returns. So I guess this is a review of Amazon as well--and I'm a satisfied customer. Amazon Prime Membership is totally worth it.

Takeaway Truth

So, ladies, if you have a problem keeping up with your cell phone, order this cell phone wallet with shoulder strap.


  1. wow. it's like i wrote this whole essay! the frustration i've endured whenever searching for a practical, simple, well-made, economical, well-functioning product is well expressed in your article on searching for a new ESSENTIAL - an elegant, slim, genuine leather [or good quality faux?] case to fit a smart phone without jazzy cheap applied designs - with a carry strap! love your 'universal' recommendation - aarrgghhh! currently unavailable. natch. i have been resourcing such a product to weeks now. guess i will continue :(

    1. So sorry it's not available now. Products do cycle on and off. If you add it to your Wish List, they'll send you an email when it's available again. Btw, since I wrote the post more than a year ago, I'll update you. The cell phone wallet is still good. Not that worn and strap still excellent.