Pollen: That Yellow Curse and Blessing

It's spring. Ahchoo! Pardon me for sneezing. Here's an impromptu haiku for today.


Windblown yellow dust--
Nature's blessing or a curse?
Actually, it's both. Right?

I love spring, but sometimes the pollen is overwhelming. We live surrounded by tall trees. Yellow dust blankets everything. When it rains, a yellow stream washes into the street.

Of course, the pollen, while a nuisance, means life is stirring in the plant world. It may seem like a curse to those with allergies, but it's also a blessing. Like most things in life, you have to take the good with the bad.

Takeaway Truth

Spring is such a wonderful season that I'll gladly take allergy meds each day in exchange for blue skies, the greening of the earth, and wildflowers popping up.

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