Going Down For 3rd Time?

One of the hardest things for parents to teach their kids is money management. Making the transition from allowance as income to paycheck as income is something most kids embrace because they like having so much more money to spend. That spending ethic follows them into adulthood.

In college, it rains credit cards for students. I heard my daughter talking one day about the dozen plastic temptations her friend had in her wallet. Fortunately, our daughter didn't follow the example of her friends. Today, she lives debt-free, but few of her friends can say the same. Most of them are drowning in debt.

Now, one of her friends is checking out the various agencies that help when debt becomes a burden too big to carry any more. One of the sites I recommended for him is Freedom Debt Relief, part of Freedom Financial Network. Why? Because I feel these people know what they're talking about.

My first step when I showed him the website was their About Us page. The guys that started Freedom Financial met years ago at Stanford University's Business School. At the bottom of that page, you'll see certification and award badges displayed, including the Better Business Bureau.

If you're in over your head, Debt Relief can help with their Debt Reduction Program, also know as Debt Negotiation or Debt Settlement. Custom designed for each client, it'll help find the best solution to lower monthly payments, deal with creditors, and reduce your debts faster. The website explains the 6-step process and gives an 800 number you can call for a free 10-minute consultation.

The Debt Relief program is centered around negotiation, but, in order to make an informed choice, you'll also learn the other four solutions to debt problems:
• Credit Counseling
• Debt Consolidation
• Bankruptcy
• Credit Card Monthly

Takeaway Truth

Don't drown when someone's ready to throw you a life preserver. Seek help from professionals when you need it.

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