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Most writers I know do a lot of promotion for either their book or their name. Today's blog is a resource for you if you're into career, book, or self promotion.

I'm always looking for fonts and artwork because I love to dabble in graphic design. I design products for my cyber shops like The Write Way, Gifts and Promotions for Writers, so I'm always adding to my library of fonts. A striking font can create a great promo product. The font shown in the little sign to the left is Alias. Yep, like the font used on the TV show. Very cool.

Writer Promotion
With a good computer and some user-friendly software, any writer can create promotion materials with ease.

If you're into the promo game, enhance your print materials - newsletters, bookmarks, brochures, whatever - with more stylish fonts than the usual ones that come with Word Perfect or Word. You can get a great selection entirely free at

If you've never downloaded a font, it's easy. offers the instructions on their FAQ page for various Windows versions, Mac, and Linux.

4 Steps To Stylish Fonts
1. Make note of the folder you want to download to. You can just create one on your C drive called Download Fonts.

2. Select your font. Click download and select the folder where it will land.

3. After that, double click the file to unzip it.

4. In Windows XP, click "Extract all files" and select where you want it extracted to which is probably c:\Windows\Fonts.

That's it. Super easy. Have fun!

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