Help Children Of The Dump

Marketing Maven is on a fund drive to raise money for Children of the Dump, called that because it's near the entrance to the dump in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Children of the Dump

The group "teaches computers, English, and math to the poorest Mexican children in hope of providing them with real job skills that will lift them and their families out of the cycle of poverty. The program is free for the kids. They're given meals to ensure they get at least one proper feeding per day.

What can you do?

Visit Marketing Maven and click the Google Ads on her site. Use the arrow keys to scroll. She's donating all her AdSense revenue to the school. She plans to post her receipts so everyone can see the effect of their clicking. Each time the revenue reaches a $100USD, she'll go to the Office Depot at Puerto Vallarta to make a purchase of school supplies.

Let's click away.

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  1. Thanks for posting this for me! There's some good news - the Mexican government wants to give the Children of the Dump a 50k grant! The catch is that we have to match it with 30k...I know it's not much, but every little click counts!