Get Ready For Hip Hop Emma

Dan Calvisi just started a blog. When I expressed dread to him about a new movie he mentioned, he was kind enough to send me a link to the Variety article about the new hip hop version of Jane Austen's Emma.

That's right, you Jane Austen fans. Emma for the new millennium. Like I told Dan, when I see the movie, if I hear a whirring sound, it'll be Ms. Austen spinning in her grave.

Okay, I want to be the first to pitch this idea to the studios so I'm claiming it here. Today, Sling Words aka Joan Reeves, pitches the idea of a new millennium version of Casablanca with Beyonce as Ilsa, Usher as Lazslo, and, drum roll please, Jay Z as Rick.

Nazi Major Strasser will be played by Fifty Cent, and police Captain Renault will be Master P.

Sam, the piano player, who never really is instructed to: "Play it again, Sam." will feature Mary J. Blige in a gender twist as Samantha.

Hollywood, have your people call my people, and we'll do lunch.

Oh, I forgot. I don't have any people. That's okay. We'll still do lunch. Just email me.

Sling Words out to go count my imaginary chicks before they hatch.

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