Monetized: A Word About Sponsors

You may have noticed that this blog is now "monetized" as they say in the Internet biz. So I thought it appropriate that I discuss this with you since some of you in private email have asked me why I've gone the route of crass commercialism. Though you asked it in a very nice way.

I had refrained from having ads run on my blog and website because I usually find them annoying when I visit other blogs and websites, and they are so littered with ads that it's a chore to read what I came there to read. You know the sites I mean? The ones with more ads than content.

I hate that. If I take time to visit a site, I'm there for a specific reason. I don't want to wade hip-deep through ads to find the article. Of course, that may be just me.

So I decided to test this monetization process at the beginning of this year with Google AdSense and Indeed job listing. I limited the size of the ads and tried to place them in an unobtrusive yet convenient place for anyone who was interested in perusing them.

I test the ads by clicking on them to see if any are completely obnoxious. To date I haven't found any in design that fit that description. I have found many freelance writing positions that I think are viable and are of interest to any of you pursuing that endeavor.

However, since many of the ads tout writing and editing services, I think it's appropriate that I publish a disclaimer of sorts.

Don't think that because something is advertised that it's been scrutinized for reliability. YOU check it out before you do anything that requires parting with a single dollar. And check it with more than 3 resources.

I don't choose the ads that run. I just choose the "genre" of ad. The responsibility to make sure you're getting what you think you're getting lies with you.

As with any advertisement, "let the buyer beware" is a motto that everyone would be wise to adopt.

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