Addicted To THE DISH

I guess I’m going to have to join a 12 Step Program for television addiction. I never had this problem before. I blame it all on my darling husband. He bought what I call a “big ass TV” as a Christmas present. Just shopping for this flat screen monster was an experience in itself. I mean, our main TV before was a hulking 29" monolith that we bought back when that size was considered a big TV. Still works great.


So I foolishly thought anything larger than 29" would be fine. Boy, was I wrong! He went immediately to the 50-inchers and started comparing contrast ratio and pixels per square inch and all that techno babble that determines the resolution on the HD LCD televisions.

The only reason he ended up with 48 inches instead of 50 or larger was because the 50 was out of stock. I mean, honestly, how much difference is 2 inches going to make? You’d think they’d told him the Super Bowl had been canceled. Still, he handled the disappointment with grace and just a little grumbling.


So the big ass TV got delivered. Next came the decision about cable versus satellite. He researched this as if world peace hung in the balance. After reading umpteen forums about digital cable in the area and the other satellite and fiber optic options, we finally ended up with The Dish.

No problem. I was just amused by the whole process. Outside of a few television shows like Stargate Atlantis, Gallactica, Burn Notice, The Unit, and a little Discover Channel and HGTV to feed my decorating habit, I’d always been a take it or leave it TV viewer. Of course, that was when we had basic cable.


Little did I know the marvels in store for me with The Dish. I was amazed at the variety of channels out there in the digital world. I found myself learning the intricacies of the DVR so I could record programs on Gallery HD, an art channel. Dead Art, sculpture and art in famous cemeteries; Art Of The Heist, tales of famous art thefts. There are History channels, domestic and world; Biography; several Discovery Channels and decorating and cooking channels. Oh, let’s not forget Weaponology on the Military Channel, fascinating stuff. And Treasure, Equator, International Film. The possibilities are endless.


I can’t seem to start the day without checking what’s on The Dish. Of course, I’m using The Dish for writing - inspiration and research. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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