Beware Get Rich Writing Claims

Wow! I'm going to make 83 grand by writing a business letter! This little brochure I received in the mail is going to tell me how. This is wonderful news for me because I've been a freelance copywriter for years, and I've never earned $83K for a letter. Geez! I must have been doing it wrong all this time.

Procrastination via Googling

Since I'm heavy into a couple of deadlines here, I could not help but fall into procrastination mode for a few minutes. I plugged in every name in this nifty 40-page brochure into Google so I could read all about these amazing copywriters.

I was so surprised (not!) to discover there was nothing positive about these people or the organization that was not disseminated by them and/or the organization with the oh-so professional sounding name.

Get real.

Seriously, folks. If you get this brochure in the mail, save your $457.00 plus shipping and handling. I've been doing this for umpteen years, and I don't know of anyone who gets the kind of salary quoted in this and other similar advertisements. If we freelance writers did, we'd all be living in the south of France and sucking down expensive wine by the barrel.

Writer, educate thyself.

If you really want to learn how to be a copywriter or any kind of freelance writer, go to any number of websites from reputable writers and start studying. My website and this blog have scads of articles about the subject. Get some of the excellent books published by Writers Digest Books and study.

Take classes. I'm probably going to teach Writing for the Net later this year for a continuing education class at a local college. Other writers teach too. Look for these classes in your area. There are online courses. Always check the credibility of anyone who teaches a class. They should be successfully DOING what they're teaching.


Write samples of different kinds of articles and projects of every description. Put together a strong portfolio then get some writing jobs. Internet writing is one area where strong writing will let you get your foot in the door. Again, seek out information from established professionals on how to go about this. There's some awfully good info FREE on the web.


Always, always, always remember: Let the buyer beware. There's always someone wanting to make a buck on your dreams. Especially for dreamers in the arts.

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