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Northwest Houston Romance Writers of America is having a conference. There are still some spots open if you'd like to attend. It's going to be held October 7 and features author Mary Buckham as the keynote speaker. Visit Northwest Houston RWA's web site for more information. Check out Mary at her web site to find out more about her.

Beware of the writing contest being conducted by the Nat Sobol Literary Agency. Many of you have already heard about or read about it on several blogs already. As someone pointed out, they're asking for an $85 entry fee. If you multiply that times the maximum number of entries, which is 50, 000, the result is $4.25 million for the Nat Sobol Literary Agency. With $100,000 first prize, $25,000 second prize, $10,000 third prize, and $7,000 split between fourth through 10th places, that leaves the literary agency with a tidy not-so-little profit.

You know, anyone can hold a writing contest. Just as anyone can call themself, a literary agent. There are no certifications required to call oneself a literary agent. In fact, over the years. I've known a few writers who couldn't get published, who ended up calling themselves literary agents. Most of them never got a publication contract for anyone. Of course, there are exceptions, but beware of anyone who will not tell you who their clients are.

If I were unscrupulous, I could hold a writing contest. Let's see, we could say it's the Starving Writers Annual Novel Competition. So everyone out there, send me your fiction entry. There's no word count limit, and any genre is accepted. Just be sure to include cash, check or money order (as Wolfman Jack used to say when he broadcast south of the border) in the amount of $85. Don't call us, we'll call you. But only if you win.

Sling Words out to go check my inbox to see if I've received any entries yet.

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