Dragon tamed

I did it. I am now dictating this blog entry using the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. I do see that it's a little wanky in using it to dictate the blog entry. I'm sure this is because of the HTML nature of Blogger's software.

That's score one for Joan. Taming the dragon wasn't as difficult as I feared it would be. The training part took the most time. Getting used to the microphone is a little difficult, because I'm just not a headphone person they always bother me.

I've got the new Microsoft ergonomic digital keyboard operating. I've got the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software working, and I've got the new antivirus loaded. So I'm ready to rock 'n roll.

If anyone wants to try the voice recognition software, do use the tutorial that's included and use the headset that's included also. The microphones most computer users have connected just don't work as well.

So far I've dictated e-mails, and I've dictated a blog entry. Now comes the real test - dictating a scene into WordPerfect for my work in progress.

Sling Words out.

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