Shopping for printers

I've had two printers die within the last month. They lived longer than I expected. Since I just finished carting the last one out to the recycle/trash bin, I now must shop for a new one. I've already looked at the usual retail stores, but I found myself needing more info - like how much will it cost to operate the unit. This is one fact not listed among the page per minute and dpi ratings, but this is crucial information. The cost of a printer is more than what you pay for it. Too many of the really low cost printers will eat your lunch when it comes to replacing ink cartridges.

I found this great PC Mag site where you can read reviews of most of the popular machines out there. The best thing about the site is that it gives you the cost per page of operation.

I'm off to study the comparison charts I printed. Have a happy Saturday.

Sling Words out.

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