SG-1 rides on

I know you've probably heard me proclaim my adoration for the shows of SciFi. Battlestar Galactica and Stargate - both the SG-1 and Atlantis varieties. They are worthy of respect. On
Lee Goldberg's blog
, he had a link to a story about SG-1. This article SG-1 tells of their filming the 200th episode. That's amazing in television land, especially, the way shows are tried and cancelled almost quicker than you can change the channel with a remote.

I cook dinner every evening with the original SG-1 team. What's funny is I've passed my obsession on to my daughter and to my husband. No matter how many times we may have seen a particular episode, we still watch the reruns on SciFi. Great story telling, which to me is paramount, coupled with appealing characters, the other real necessity, and a mythology all its own makes for legions of loyal fans.

If you haven't watched before, give it a try, but be careful. You too may get hooked.

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