Earl Woods: Trivial Thursday isn't trivial today

The passing of a remarkable man cannot be considered trivial. Earl Woods died yesterday. For those who may not know, Earl was the father of Tiger Woods.

I'm not even a golfer, but my husband is. He's one of Tiger's biggest fans. So I spend many Sunday afternoons on the couch with my DH watching the closing day of golf tournaments. I remember when Tiger Woods won the first Masters Tournament, and his dad engulfed him in a big bear hug. Both men cried.

I felt as if I knew Earl personally if for no other reason than the fact that I'm a parent and know the feeling of pride when one of my children achieves something remarkable.

I never knew much about Earl Woods, other than he had a great relationship with his son and was responsible for his son loving the game of golf. I read a couple of articles this morning about him and gained real appreciation for the man. He was remarkable for more things than siring the greatest golfer in the world.

Today, I feel as if someone I knew has left this world. Silly I guess, but I'm as sentimental as they come. More importantly, I believe the world lost a man who should have been held up as an example of fatherhood, of altruism. His legacy to the world is in his son and the foundations he helped create. His was a life well lived.

RIP, Earl Woods.

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  1. Very sad indeed. Similar to the relationship Michael Jordan had with his father.