Hooked on dancing

Okay. I'll confess. I'm thoroughly hooked on the new Dancing With The Stars show on ABC. I guess I'm not alone since the propaganda--I mean the advertisements--say that it's the number one show this summer.

I'm voting for John O'Hurley and his partner Charlotte. Why? Well, they seem to be the only ones actually doing ballroom dancing instead of a choreographed routine that, while pleasing, looks more like a Vegas stage show at best and a cheerleader routine at worst.

Then there are the non-dancing reasons. O'Hurley is just plain appealing. He's got that Cary Grant thing going on, with a touch of Fred Astaire thrown in. Most of all, he's funny with a great sense of humor which I find enormously attractive.

Several years ago DH and I took ballroom dancing. It was fun, but a real wake up call as to how arduous the sport, yes, I said, sport, really is. So for this ballroom junky, the new show is fab.

Shall we dance?

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