Another way to procrastinate

Learning software: a phrase peculiar to planet Earth dating from the 1990's, meaning to procrastinate.

Agghh! I finally figured out how to post pictures to the blog. Actually, I should say I figured it out again. Did it once to put the graphic in the profile then over the last 3 months, completely forgot how I did that.

I do believe my brain has reached its maximum storage capacity. I either need to move some of the data to an off-site storage medium or forget about learning new things.

As is usual, playing around with software to learn something led to wanting to learn something else--coding to put a footer on this page--which led to tinkering with the profile--which led to....well, you get the picture.

Enough of this crap! I'm woefully behind on my WIP since I've been away so much lately. So, I'm applying my lovely Choctaw-type nose (thanks to my great grandmother Morning Amanda) to the grind stone to get this comic novel Eat, Drink, and Kill Mary finished by the end of this month. There, I stated a goal. If I could figure out how to put one of those progress bars on the blog, I'd do it to hold myself accountable to that goal.

Oops, there I go again, starting to guess how the code for a progress bar would be written.

Off to write. Later!

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