Another New BookBrush Feature

Last week I reviewed the most recent features BookBrush offers.

Before the digital ink aged even a little, BookBrush has added another great feature to the Plus and Professional Plans.

I'll sprinkle some images around this post to illustrate what they mean by saved templates.

The April Fool Bride image to left was saved as a template.

I opened that image from my saved templates, selected to change cover, selected the LuvU4Ever cover, and voilĂ . It was done.

Took about a minute to do because all my covers are saved on my BookBrush dashboard.

Latest Feature

Starting this month (September), BookBrush increased the maximum number of saved templates from 25 to 50 for the Plus and Professional Plan users!

That means I can create 50 images, save them on my account, and then simply swap out the book cover when I need to create an image for a different book.

If I've created an image using Custom Creator, with a "picture" background, and saved it as a template, I can swap out the background and the text too if I wish.

I can also keep the background and change the cover image and/or the "frame" for the cover if I wish.

At right you can see a background layout using the same picture with 2 different covers and text boxes.

This was done in a matter of minutes. Easy peasy.

I love being able to save up to 50 images I've made as templates because you don't have to "reinvent the wheel" each time.

If you just want to have 3D images in an ereader, cell phone, or iPad "frame," it's easy to do. Make them, save them, and download them.

If you save the 3D image as a template, you can just change the cover in the frame when you need to make a different 3D image. Now that's a time saver that you'll love.

At right you can see what I mean by making 3D "cell phone" framed images. I made one and saved it as a template.

When I needed another 3D "cell phone" framed image, I opened the saved image, removed the cover, and put another cover in it.. So easy to make all these images and download each.

If you're a subscriber, then you know already that BookBrush is offering webinars with live training on how to make your BookBrush images look professional. When you get an email notice of this, be sure and sign up because spots go fast.

Takeaway Truth

If you're not using BookBrush, you're not taking advantage of one of the best design tools available to authors.

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