5 Blog Tips: Effective Hyperlinks

Want some more blog tips about making effective hyperlinks? These 5 tips will make your blogging more successful too.

Using these tips is not difficult. Only a little thought is required. You can write the post first then go back and edit to make sure keywords are reflected in the title, first paragraph, and anchor text of links.

1. Make the anchor text for your links clear and succinct.

Anchor text is the word or words on which the hyperlink is embedded. Always make those words relevant to the website that the link goes to. For instance, if you're linking to an article that gives more information about the subject of your post, your anchor text probably says, "Click for more information."

2. An even better way is to make the anchor text be a keyword.

The above example is rather generic. Let's use keywords. For instance, keywords for this post would be "blog tips" and "effective hyperlinks."

So instead of using generic anchor text, "Click for more information," you could say, "Click for more blog tips" and/or "Click for more about effective hyperlinks."

You would use "blog tips" and "effective hyperlinks" as anchor text for the links, just as I've used them in the sentence above.

If you use anchor text in keywords, that increases the SEO value of your content.

3. Make the text of your hyperlink that shows when moused over, clear and succinct too.

Many times, readers are hesitant to click a link if they mouse over it and gibberish shows up.

4. Avoid using too many links in your content.

Besides spoiling the appearance of your formatted content, too many links are annoying, and they slow the reader's eyes down. Too many hyperlinks stuffed in will also decrease your SEO value.

5. Always set your links in a post to open in a new tab.

You want the reader to stay tethered to your blog. With a link opening in a new tab, your blog will still be open in the original window so readers can easily wend their way back to you.

Takeaway Truth

These 5 tips aren't difficult. They require just a little thought.

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