7 Video Book Trailer Tips + Giveaway

I recently completed 2 more video book trailers for romance box sets. I like making videos, but I'd like to improve my skills. That's one of my goals for the new year.

I've made 36 videos, and I've learned a few things along the way.

Video Book Trailer Tips

1. Timing is everything.
Do your best to keep the video as short as possible because attention spans seem to get shorter as time goes on.

My first video was over 2 minutes long, and that was just for 1 book. My last 2 videos were 60 seconds, and both videos were for book collections. One contained 26 books, and the other was for a 7 book collection.

Watch the Video for SWEET and SASSY SUSPENSE
2. An effective video trailer should be a miniature visual representation of the story or book.
What's the essence of your story? Distill it.

3. Think like a movie writer/director.
That means think visually, not so much with words but with images and sparse text or dialogue.

4. Like a good book, a video trailer should hook you immediately.
Use whatever works for the story. (1) an evocative image or video clip of a character or characters or of a scene (2) a soundbite snippet (remember Dirty Harry movies? "Go ahead--make my day.") or a tagline or (3) evocative mood music that captures the essence of the story.

Watch the Video for LOVE, CHRISTMAS 2
5. From the hook, like a good book, show the push/pull of motivation and conflict the hero/heroine experiences.
As in #4, use whatever works to keep it interesting and moving along.

6. Like a good book, have an epic ending.
The ending will stay with viewers and make them think back to the beginning. Hopefully. At least, that's your goal.

7. Coordinate all the elements in your video. 
Plan your design from the images, video clips, fonts, text, and music to coordinate much as you would put together clothing and accessories.

November Giveaway

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Enjoy the videos!


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