Writing Reality No. 6: Even After Success, You May Get Knocked Down

During the first few weeks of the New Year, I'm posting about some writing realities or truths you should recognize if you want a career as a writer. Previously posted:
Today's Writing Reality Number 6: Even after you have a successful book, you'll still get knocked down.

It would be nice to believe that once you have a publishing contract, or agent representation, or a hugely popular book, that the rest of your career will be smooth sailing.Sorry. This is as far from the truth as anything I can imagine.

You'll still get rejected by publishers or agents or reviewers or readers. Yes, you'll still have books that flounder when you've tried your best to write a page-turning bestseller and have marketed your little heart out.

No one succeeds 100% of the time with 100% of everything he or she writes. Sometimes, there's no rhyme or reason why one book takes off and others don't.

Never pin your hopes on a problem-free career. Markets change. Readers' appetites change. Competition increases. You'll be crushed by the reality of the situation if you're not careful.

Instead, keep your eyes open, and your mind alert to ever-changing markets and trends. Always strive to improve. Never be satisfied with "good enough."

Takeaway Truth

Every professional, regardless of the career field, must learn to roll with the punches if you are to survive.


  1. I still remember how shocked I was that I was unable to sell again after my first book. Ten or so later, I'm still never sure.

    1. *LOL* I know. I guess it's natural to think that once you broke through that barrier, that it's broken forever.