Writing Reality No. 4

During January, I'm posting about some writing realities or truths you should recognize if you want a career as a writer. Previously posted:
Today's Writing Reality Number 4

Some days, everything about writing is soul-killing and heart-breaking, and you just want to quit.

Soul Killers

You get rejections from editors, agents, and readers in the form of no sales. You get refused ad space. You get dropped by your publisher or agent. You get scathing reviews. Your book gets pirated. Readers post nasty comments on Goodreads about you and/or your books. Snarky blogs dissect you like a frog in formaldehyde. No one signs up for your newsletters or giveaways. Authors you consider poor writers are buying new cars with their royalty checks.

Nothing goes right, and you begin to wonder if it ever will. You're working your butt off and have little to show for it.


This is the point when many quit. I've always thought that if you want to quit and can, then you should. Why drive yourself nuts if you can quit and do something more rewarding with your time? And I don't say that scornfully or in a cavalier manner. There's nothing wrong with not feeling that it's as important as oxygen.


You see, those who want it bad--and I mean really bad like it's as important as air to breathe--never quit. They can't. There is something inside them that makes them persist...keeps them fighting. Even in the face of all the adversity mentioned above.

Those writers can find happiness in their writing if they can make peace with the idea that they'll never be millionaire authors. Write and put your work out there. Someone will read it. Someone will love it. That may be small applause in a big auditorium, but it is still applause. It means that someone "gets" you. Gets your stories and the way you tell them. That is priceless.

Takeaway Truth

There are peaks and valleys in your career. Some are years-long; some last just for a few days. If you want a career as a writer, you must accept this and rock on.

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