Outtakes from Cinderella Blue

An outtake is a portion of a work, usually from a film or music recording, that is cut in the editing process and not included in the final version that is publicly released.

You see outtakes for TV series and even video games. I thought it might be fun to do book outtakes--snippets that are too good to throw away.

Today, I have outtakes from my recent romantic comedy release, Cinderella Blue. (The video for it is now posted to the Video page, or watch it on YouTube.)

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I thought these scenes and/or dialogue were amusing when I wrote them, and, honestly, authors just hate to throw anything away! Hope you enjoy these little snippets.

Outtake 1

"So you're going to put your social life above your job." Benton shook his head. "I should have expected this."

"What do you mean?" She hoped she didn't sound defensive.

"That's the problem with most women. They place their personal life at a higher priority than the job."

"That's sexist!"

"Hey, if the high heel fits." He mocked her with a grin.

"Well, it doesn't. I don't put my personal life before my job."

"I beg to differ, but that's exactly what you're doing right now."

That comment really put Andie's back up. "Just shut up and get your jacket." She looked him up and down.
"I assume you have a jacket to cover those scruffy clothes?"

"Scruffy clothes? Hey, you're not my sister so quit dissing my wardrobe."

"Calling that a wardrobe is like calling a cockroach a cute insect."

Outtake 2

"I don't date cops." Andie folded her arms and matched him stare for stare.

"What's the matter, Luft? Aren't cops good enough for you?" Benton asked.

"Not that it's any of your business, Detective Benton, but I know what a cop's life is like. Why would I want to date a guy who lives his job twenty-four/seven just like I do?"

"Oh, so you're going marry some poor schmuck and let him experience that part of it."

Outtake 3

Wade was nice, sweet, kind, and considerate. Andie grimaced. That description made him sound like a Golden Retriever. Why the hell couldn't she make herself fall in love with the handsome accountant? Or with any of the men she dated? Wade was like Jason, her ex-fiancé, and all the men she dated. Nice. Safe. Dull.

Andie finally faced the truth. She'd grown up in a testosterone-fueled household with a former cop for a father, four hard-headed brothers, and a nutty retired cop grandfather who made John Wayne seem tame by comparison. Nice, sweet, and safe just didn't cut it.

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