Donate Your Print Books to These 7 Libraries

If you have print books, donate to libraries. Of course, make sure your book's content fits the readership of the targeted libraries. For example, you wouldn't donate a sexy romance to a children's camp library or to a church library.

Prep your donated books with a lovely bookplate saying:

Donated by Author Name
www .AuthorName. com * blogname.whatever

Stick this on the title page or the blank page opposite the title page.

7 Libraries

Here are libraries that may be thrilled to receive a copy or copies of your books.

1. The library in your hometown.

Many of us are from small towns or rural America. Even though you may have moved to a large metropolitan area, always remember the library in your hometown. Donate your print book to your hometown library.

2. The branch libraries near your home.

If you do live in a large metropolitan area, call one of the branch libraries near you and ask how to donate copies of your books to their library system with particular emphasis on the branches nearest you.

3. Many coffee shops have their own little library, often just a basket of books.

Ask the manager of your favorite coffee shop if they'd like to receive copies of your books.

4. Community college libraries.

Most large cities have at least one community college. Call and ask if you can donate books to them.

5. Church libraries usually love to receive free books.

6. Cruise ship libraries.

If you've taken a cruise, you know there are small libraries onboard. Call the 800 number to learn the procedure for donating your books.

7. Summer camp libaries.

Yes, established summer camps have small libraries. Do a web search to learn where to donate.

Takeaway Truth

Building an audience in this competitive book world requires you to think outside the box.

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