Business News in Book World

I'm catching up on all my email newsletters today. I saw some important news that I want to make sure everyone knows about.

Book Earnings

If you wondered how your book earnings compare to others, check out this article on GalleyCat. You'll either feel better or feel worse after reading this.


If you're using CreateSpace to publish print editions of your work or thinking about doing that, here's some good news. Just as Amazon removed a minimum payment threshold last month, CreateSpace, an Amazon company, is doing the same. As of January 20, 2014, the minimum threshold amount has been removed for accounts selecting Direct Deposit as their payment method.

India Hungry For English

I've been getting a trickle of royalties from India. I suspected that was a huge untapped market, and another article in GalleyCat, India Expected to Publish More English Language Books, supports that notion.

Dangerous Email Attachments

MakeUseOf has a great article on how to spot dangerous email attachments. Everyone knows not to open a .exe file. But do you know the other file extensions to be wary of? Do you know the ones that are just about always safe? Be sure and read the entire article.

Takeaway Truth

Good news mostly, right?


  1. That survey is so bogus that it drives me crazy. One thing to keep in mind about that DBW article is roughly 2/3 of the people surveyed have not started, much less finished, writing a book.

    Think of it this way. If I did a survey of doctor's earnings, would I include folks currently in medical school AND those who dropped out of medical school? Heck, no!

  2. Suzan, I think there's truth in the survey. Back before indie publishing, virtually the same thing was true of traditional publishing. Most authors earned about the same then as was reported in the current survey of indies.