Review: His Wife For A While by Donna Fasano

His Wife for a While by Donna Fasano is a heartwarming Sweet Romance.

Donna is great at creating characters that seem real -- with the mixture of strengths and weaknesses that real people have. Best of all, she's at the top of the game in writing a sweet romance filled with emotion and characters who end up yearning for each other -- like Chelsea and Ben in this story. For comic relief, there's Ben's Aunt May.

(If you're interested in the audio book, Narrator Mary Lynn Bowen is skillful and brings this romance to life. She's superb in voicing the different characters, but in Chelsea's voice, she really shines.)

His Wife For A While has depth. You'll root for Chelsea. She learns, with the help of others, to overcome the tragedy of her own past, and that is what really helps her to embrace her future. She earns her happy ending.

Takeaway Truth

Not only did I read the ebook, I bought the audio book too! Lovely romance with excellent narration!

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