Promotion Opportunity at Free Book Dude

Have you heard about Free Book Dude?

I had a nice email from Bradi who helps run this website which she says is "dedicated to helping authors, especially indie authors, find readers and reach new audiences."

How It Works

They do this by posting free Amazon Kindle books every hour -- fiction and non-fiction. They do not expect the authors participating in free promotions to be bestselling authors and/or have a bunch of 5-star reviews.

They offer at least 48 authors the chance to be seen by thousands of possible new readers every day. To that end, they have expanded FreeBookDude. They've added monthly contests to help authors get their books into the hands of new readers and book reviews and daily guest posts from authors across all genres. They plan to begin scheduling blog and book tours for authors at a low cost.

They're in the process of signing up authors for their new authors helping authors blog network. If you're interested, fill out the Free Book Dude Tour Host Form on the website.

What's In It For You

Helping authors who wouldn’t normally be able to reach new readers due to financial, personal or any other reason. Oh, and that "warm, fuzzy feeling you will get...."

They will hold drawings for hosts from time to time and "will be promoting our tours and authors tirelessly," according to Bradi, which should bring "increased traffic to your site, free ebooks for you and new and fresh content for your readers."

Takeaway Truth

To see if this promotional opportunity is for you, drop byFree Book Dude and check it out.

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