Holiday Gifts for Writers

Tuesday Is Holiday Gift Suggestion Day

Beginning next Tuesday, and each Tuesday through December 27, I'll blog about some great gifts for Writers and Readers. Why even after Christmas? To take advantage of after-Christmas specials of course.

My husband likes to tell about the family he knew in Abilene that bought all their presents after Christmas every year so they could take advantage of all the sales.

Hmm. That probably wouldn't go over too well with most people, but I guess in their family, frugality reigned supreme, and they delighted in getting more gifts for less money.

Joan's Holiday Bazaar

Just scroll down and look at the right sidebars. You'll notice a cute Christmas Lights graphic that says Joan's Holiday Bazaar. I'll post clickable links there to some good deals and great shopping.

The porcelain Christmas tree ornament shown on the right sidebar is my own design, available in round or oval, from The WriteWay, my Cafe Press shop featuring promotional and gift items for writers. If you buy using the direct link I provided, each ornament is only $8.49. If you buy through CafePress Marketplace or using their search engine, the same ornament costs $12.00.

Cafe Press Tip of the Day

Always go straight to a vendor's shop to make a purchase on Cafe Press because you'll get the lowest offered price. The Marketplace has a rather hefty markup as the pricing on this ornament illustrates.

Open To Suggestions

Every year at this time, I take suggestions for the items I'll feature. If you have a product to sell that will interest writers or readers, contact me. (Joan at -- Subject Box: Real Live Person -- Gift Suggestion). I'll review your product. If it passes my non-scientific approach of useful and/or cool--writers will like that, I'll mention you and your item.

Author Group Sales

Many authors are banding together and setting up websites to offer holiday specials on their books. Readers, I'll be posting banners or links to these so be sure and check them out.

I've already got a clickable banner up for Ebooks 99 Cents where each day a new book will be featured. Look for more banners like these. Just scroll down and look at the sidebars each day to see what's new.

Takeaway Truth

I'm beginning to think a lot about Christmas! Can't fight it so I might as well enjoy it!

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