Autumn Is Here

I know you must think I lead a rather tame life when I get excited over the arrival of a predicted cold front, but the predicted front actually moved into the Houston area early this morning.

I love cold fronts as long as they don't turn into blue northers. That's blue as in turning blue with cold, growing things freezing, and ice on the overpasses.

I've brewed a fresh pot of coffee and am headed to the covered patio to enjoy my java and the blustery wind and rain which began falling about 6:30 this morning. The temp is a cool 68 outside, and it's a beautiful wet fall day here in Texas.

Of course, this same cold front must have passed through Colorado yesterday because my younger brother called from his mountain and said the temp was 31 at midday and a blizzard was in progress. I don't know if it was a real blizzard or a blizzard in his flatlander eyes since he's lived on his mountain less than a year.

I think I'll take a drive up north of town on the weekend and see if the leaves are turning yet.

Takeaway Truth

Sometimes you really can see summer turn to autumn in Texas if the change is accompanied by wind and rain.

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