R.I.P. Kate Duffy

In case you don't know much about the publishing world, Kate Duffy, long-time Editor at Kensington Publishing, passed away this week.

Count me as another author whose first book was made possible by the remarkable Kate Duffy. She was a legend even then when she was at Meteor Books. I'll never forget my phone call from her after my book Summer's Fortune had been purchased.

She said: "Thank you for allowing us to publish your wonderful book. It's what romance books should be."

Even though I knew she probably said that to every new author, I was swept away by her words because they were what every writer wants to hear. Perhaps that's why she said them to me, uncertain new author that I was.

Kate was an amazing woman with a sharp wit and a low threshold for stupidity. She always had such good advice. For someone as highly placed as she, I was constantly surprised by how accessible she was.

Her passing is a shock. I thought if anyone could beat cancer, it would be she. Again, untimely death makes one realize how tenuous life really is.

From Publisher's Marketplace yesterday:

Kensington editor Kate Duffy, 56, died recently after a long illness. Among the many honors she received, Duffy won the Romance Writers of America's inaugural Industry Award in 1991. Her long career as a romance editor included serving as founding editor of Silhouette Books and founder of Harlequin's Worldwide Library imprint and Pocket's Tapestry Books. While at Kensington she established Brava Books. A memorial service will be scheduled soon.

Takeaway Truth

Kate, you touched many lives. You will be missed.

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