Under The Weather

From where did the expression, under the weather, come? I guess I could look it up, but I don't feel like it because I'm under the weather.

Actually, I've been struggling for 2 weeks now. I hate to say it, but ever since I took the flu shot, I've been, well, SICK. Within 24 hours of the shot, I had a sore throat, followed by massive sinus congestion, and all over body aches and pains.

This was the "regular" immunization, not the H1N1. The sore throat became the sore throat from hell. I did what the doctors say: drank plenty of liquids, took ibuprofen and meds for symptomatic relief. All of that meant I felt as if I were swimming in molasses every day which is why I haven't been blogging much this week, on either blog.

A few days ago, I thought I had it licked. Then yesterday, the cycle started again. Felt like hell last night. Went to bed early. Slept late. Got up this morning totally PO'd at the whole situation. I take allergy meds every day of my life, and I'm a fanatic about hand washing and using Purell after handling public items like shopping carts at the grocery store, etc. I shouldn't get anything. Ever.

Takeaway Truth

Sometimes, will power just won't power through the day when you have the crud.


  1. Well the flu shot is a weak or dead virus of the actual flu.

    I USUALLY have gotten sick from the flu shot. It sucks. Now that I'm not ordered to do so, I don't take it anymore.

    I have already survived through pneumonia so I don't think the actual flu could be that bad. So I'm taking my chances. A guaranteed chance to get sick from taking the flu shot, or a chance to get sick sometime in the winter from the real flu.

    I understand your pain.

    p.s. I'm not a doctor and this is not meant to be medical advice.

  2. I skipped the flu shot last year, and I might this year, too. I'm pretty sure I'll skip the H1N1 shot. I don't like to be in the first group to try anything like that.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. Our doctor advises against flu shots, saying the side effects can be just as bad, and that should we actually get the flu, we're not in an 'at risk' category for serious complications.

    Haven't had much other than a couple of colds since we moved here 22 years ago.

    I think a lot of it comes from just being exposed to all those bugs over the years and building up a natural immunity.

  4. Thanks, everyone. Unfortunately, a lot of people have no choice in the matter since employers mandate immunizations.

    I'm feeling better today and will start playing that modern American game called CatchUp.