Call of the Mild

You don't have to twist my arm to make me confess that I have shirked my daily blog duty this past week. It's not my fault. I'm helpless and in the throes of spring's enchantment.

Since I've had so many computer problems, and I'm waiting for the Dell fairy to pay a visit, I decided to give in to the siren call of spring.

No longer can I block the mockingbirds' songs with a computer's electronic buzz. No longer can I hide my eyes from the azaleas painting the landscape with vibrant colors like an inebriated artist with a rainbow palette. No longer can I resist the ripening fruit of the loquat tree whose taste is sweet and exotic.

I yield. You'll find me outside enjoying the abundance of blooms. In back, are magenta fringe flowers, pink variegated amaryllis, yellow Louisiana iris, pink Indian hawthorn, and red Knockout roses. In front are fuschia azaleas, old fashioned lantana, and yellow iris. I love my yard!

Takeaway Truth

If you're going to play hooky, enjoy it in every way.

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