Quick Tip: Historical Research

Since I'd previously blogged about genealogy research, I started thinking about what an amazing job my mother did when she compiled our family history several years ago. It was time consuming and arduous and took her years of painstaking research, much of which included scouring historical documents using Microfiche in libraries. Winding those film reels and scrolling slowly through the film was time consuming and hard on the eyes.

She could certainly have made use of the Internet and sites like genealogy search to make her research easier.

Takeaway Truth

If you have a need to comb through records and documents like historical passenger registries, census records, death certificates, turn of the century newspapers, and such, let your fingers do the clicking on the Internet.


  1. Have you been trying to track down more family?

  2. No, I leave that job to my mom. She reads my blog so these tips are for her and her friends as well as for writers who do historical research.