Imported Autumn

Here in the Gulf coast region of Texas, we import our fall foliage. Today's breathtaking autumn morning is courtesy of my brother Johnny and his wife Gayle who recently purchased land in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of Colorado and retired there.

They took an ATV outing last weekend. This photograph is on "Willow Creek Trail which is in the Wet Mountains above The Hardscrabble Pass. As you can see, the aspens are turning among the Colorado blue spruce and darker green Engleman spruce."

They report that "the days are still very pleasant with the low in the mornings in the mid 30's and highs up in the day in the mid 70's. We have had snow dustings in the mountain peaks the past two weeks, so I am sure we are within a few weeks of some snow here in the valley."

Takeaway Truth

Autumn is a breath of fresh air.

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  1. Seeing the aspens reminds me of home... and why I moved south in a hurry. Brrr! It gets cold up in those mountains!