Guest Blogging At Rock The Tower

Starting last week, I'm a guest blogger at Rock The Tower published by Tom Barnes, actor, writer, and hurricane hunter.

Tom and I exchanged emails about Hurricane Ike, and he asked if I'd share some thoughts with him. Of course, when I sling words, I sling far too many. He writes on hurricanes on Wednesday so he's publishing my thoughts in a 3-parter I believe. Part 1 was last week; part 2 is today; part 3 next week.

Takeaway Truth

You meet the most interesting people in the blog world. Visit Tom's Rock The Tower for an interesting perspective on the movie business and the world of hurricane hunting.


  1. Hurricane hunting? Now that's a job you don't tell your kids about! I can just picture mine grabbing some rope and their rain coats and going outside to chase storms...

  2. I totally agree. I sometimes think the late night talk show hosts were inspired by my kids for their "stupid human tricks" segment.