Eating at Nicky D's

If you're ever in the Burleson, Texas, area, you should stop by Nicky D's. That is, if you want one of the best hamburgers you'll ever sink your teeth into.

Nick and Tammy

My husband's brother Allen and his wife Bertha introduced us to their good friends Nick and Tammy, owners of the best little cafe in town. There's nothing fancy or high falutin' at Nicky D's, formerly a convenience store and gas station.

A while back, Tammy convinced her husband that it would be a good idea to buy the busy corner, remove the gas pumps, and start serving his special burgers and fries to the public. The rest is, as they say, history.

Each day, Nick and his boisterous staff cook between 300 and 500 pounds of ground chuck shaped into half pound burgers. They wash and fry, with the skins on, hundreds of pounds of potatoes too. Nick grills the hamburger buns too, producing a golden, hot, buttery bun for those monster burgers.

Success Is Hard Work

If you grill it, they will come. Again and again. The parking lot is always packed. The inside of the cafe, decorated with hundreds of photographs stapled to the wall and a little bit of everything nailed to the ceiling, is crowded with tables and chairs. Picnic tables have been set up outside to handle the overflow crowd. With a reputation for great food, there's always a crowd at Nicky D's, and the crowd doesn't mind waiting whether it's an hour or longer.

For dessert, there's ice cream. The day we dined there the menu showed an ice cream dessert called Green Frog Snake. I was so full I couldn't satisfy my curiosity about the dessert so if you go, save room for dessert and tell me about it.

Contact Info

Nicky D's is located at 1605 Highway 1187. Crowley, TX 76036.

Takeaway Truth

Always pass on info about a good restaurant. Everyone likes good food, and when you get great and inexpensive food, it's a win-win situation.


  1. the best burger in the world you will never what to leave and the shakes are amazing its the best hamburgers in the world you should try it if i had to rate it from 1 to 10 i would rate it 1000 its that awsome

  2. Ah, yes, Anon. Wish I had one of Nicky D's burgers right now!