Comparison Shop Website Hosting

Last month I told you about, an innovative website that makes it easy for you to comparison shop when trying to choose a website host.

The website helps you find the best website hosting for your specific needs. I can't tell you how important it is to use your consumer shopping skills in selecting a website host.

Their rating system is based on not just price but also on customer satisfaction, reliability, and technical support among other criteria. On the home page, you'll find their top 10 list, but if you want to explore other options, there's a tab that's labeled Directory. Click that and you'll find a list of 25 website hosting companies. You can look at the details of each and be satisfied that you'll find what's best for your site.

What's really important is that you can read unedited reviews of the prospective web hosting sites by real customers.

Recently, I advised a friend who's an artist trying to start a website to sell his work to check out He did and found a host site that meets his budget so he's now in the process of designing his site. It's that easy.

Takeaway Truth

Always comparison shop your web services because they can vary greatly in cost and in what you get for your money.

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