Rounding Up Writing News

I wanted to point you to some "don't miss" information on the web this week.

Novelist's Inc. blog has a great interview with Tekno book packager Denise Little. I met Denise several years ago. She was knowledgeable and articulate about the book biz, and that hasn't changed.

In the interview she made a statement that, I think, will resonate with readers and writers of genre fiction: I find genre fiction to be the last refuge of heroic values and classical story structure in literature.

I'm adding that to my quotations file.

For all you writers who want to know how much contracts with different publishers bring, Brenda Hiatt has updated her very popular report Show Me The Money.

Takeaway Truth

Industry insider knowledge is always good to know.


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  2. Not at all. Thank you. That's very nice of you. Ping away!