Ping: The End (For Now)

For now, this is the end of my 3-day series on the fine art of the ping.

Now that you know how to ping, here's a time-saver for blog promotion. Don't ping site by site. Ping a directory that will in turn ping dozens of other directories all at once. Cool huh?

Here are 3 of many mass directories to get you started.

1. Multiple Directories is just what the name says.

2. Pingoat pings more than 50.

3. Pingomatic pings 15 services.

I hope you'll take advantage of all these free registration accounts that allow you to ping directories to gain attention for your blog. Tune in next week for more on time effective and cost effective ways to promotion.

Takeaway Truth

A little time and consistency of effort can pay big rewards.


  1. Pinging looks like a good idea. Thank you for presenting it.

  2. Well, I'm not sure I really understand it, but I gave it a shot. But now am I supposed to do this every time I add blog content?

  3. You're welcome, Rick.

    Terry, on some of the directories, once you set it up, they'll do it automatically. Otherwise, just find a few directories you like and ping them on some kind of schedule, like once a week, every day you post, or whatever works for you.