Lazy Rehab Your Creativity

A short while back I wrote a post about refreshing your creativity. Here's a little more on the subject.

When The Going Gets Tough

The tough get going. Right? Well, maybe sometimes, when the going gets tough, just relax. Take a load off. Take a vacation or at least a few days off just to goof. First, set a time schedule for relaxing or you may end up relaxing the rest of the year away instead of a couple of days. After a few days of catching up your TV viewing or a day at the golf course or shopping or just reading some of the books from your towering to be read stack, you'll be surprised how much better you feel. You'll be ready to dive into the writing again with renewed energy.

Take A Dis Vacation

Take a vacation from disrespecting yourself or anyone else. All that negativity and whining takes an enormous amount of energy. Resolve that if you can't say anything good about someone that you'll just keep your mouth shut. That goes for your self-talk too. Some people trash talk themselves so much you'd think they were getting paid to do it. Start saying good things about yourself. You're not a loser because you didn't write last week or because an agent rejected your manuscript or because you didn't land a lucrative freelance contract. Get some perspective on this business and don't personalize rejections.

Figure Out Where You're Going

Do you have goals? If so, are they realistic? Most people set goals so high that they set themselves up for failure. Figure out exactly what you want. You. Not your critique partner or your best buddy. What would make you happy? Set your goals realistically - high enough that you have to work to achieve but low enough to be in the realm of real possibility. Instead of: I want to hit the NYT best seller list with my first book. Finish the manuscript might be a more realistic goal. Set up a viable action plan to achieve the goal.

Dance To The Music

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music. With everything you do, set up a system of milestones and rewards. When you achieve a stated milestone like completing the first draft of a manuscript, celebrate. When you sell a piece of copy writing, celebrate. If you get your first rejection, celebrate. I don't mean pop a hundred dollar bottle of bubbly each time, but do celebrate and bask in the glory of achievement. Have a little chocolate or whatever is your special treat. Let the reward fit the achievement.

Be Present

Live today. Don't get caught in the trap of regretting what you didn't get done yesterday or the publishing gravy train you missed last year because your paranormal wasn't ready. And don't think: when I get this book contract, I'll be happy. I hate to use Hollywood buzz words, but be present in your life. Live in the now. Be happy now.

Takeaway Truth

Enjoy the journey because time spent on the road is longer than time spent at the destination.


  1. I think I'm adding this to my collection of print-outs on my writing wall :o) You're very encouraging!

  2. What a nice thing to say. So glad it "spoke" to you.

  3. Well, after almost a week off due to crashing computer issues, I wish I felt more 'rested' but the frustration overpowered the relaxation--since I had planned to use that time as dedicated writing while DH was at a meeting.

    But, back to the routine now, and feeling better about it.

  4. So sorry, Terry. I know how frustrating that is. Last week was printer problem week for me. 3 printers all with problems. Enough to make you hate technology.