Gustav Go Away

Looks like Hurricane Gustav is going to come visiting Labor Day weekend. We'd planned a trip to the lake, but I guess I'll call in a minute and cancel those plans.

I hate these late season storms, but what I really hate is how everyone who isn't used to hurricanes goes nuts when a warning is announced.

I've lived with them most of my life. Here's my preparation:

1. Avoid all the stores and gas stations if possible. If I have to fill up, do it late at night then don't go anywhere so I won't use up the gas.

2. Know all evacuation routes so I can be sure and not go near any of them.

3. Clean up all the loose stuff in the yard because I never do it until a storm threatens so it needs it.

4. If I don't already have plywood for boarding up, then just forget it and take comfort in the fact that all our multiple insurances are paid up.

5. Make sure I've got plenty of Snickers and Cracker Jacks because comfort food will make us all feel better if the worst happens.

On a more serious note, I've weathered many a storm and know exactly what to do. I always have storm supplies ready to go, and we have a 20 gallon gerry can for each family member for water not to mention that we fill 3 tubs of water for sanitary use.

If you don't know what to do, put hurricane preparation in the big G and learn.

Takeaway Truth

Be prepared, and make sure your flood and homeowners insurance is paid up. And you know where the policies are.


  1. I love big storms. I'm less in love with Fay at the moment, who is still raining on us. We have a good supply of food, water, and gas but realized when we lost power over the weekend that in our new house we don't have wood-burning fire place to cook on! Oops!

    I need to get a propane stove and some charcoal before the next storm hits.

    Where is Gustav headed?

  2. According to all the super-excited television journalists and weather people who can hardly wait to don rain slickers and who are ardently praying they can cash in like Dan Rather, it's headed right for the Texas coast.

    Sheesh! You must be about ready to float away from Fay.

  3. I saw the projections for Gustav and I think we'll see rain from him too. We're right above the FL panhandle on the GA/AL line... I describe it as the place where Tornado Alley and Hurricane Central split a time share.

    We haven't had anything worse than high winds and water, but we've been under tornado watch for nearly a week . And I wouldn't be surprised if the city workers were out scrubbing the evacuation signs today.

    The good news is that I'll be in NY when Gustav hits and all our insurance is paid up. I'll be sure to bring my computer back-up disc with me and everything will be dandy. :o)

  4. Enjoy NY. Maybe you'll at least be out of the rain.