The King at Kyle Field

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The King was at Kyle Field in Aggieland last week. In case you don't know, The King is George Strait. He's not just the King of Country Music. George has had more charted number 1 hits than any other artist in any genre.

He's one of our favorites, but we weren't able to make it to the Kyle Field concert which has 102,733 seats.

Because the ticket demand was so great, they sold standing room only tickets and ended up with an attendance of 110,905.

Yes, 8,172 people were willing to pay for the privilege of standing to hear George, the gentleman born in Poteet, Texas, south of San Antonio.

The picture on the right shows him in his usual concert clothes—jeans and a white or blue shirt—and always accessorized by a guitar.( The photo was taken when he performed at the Prudential Center in New Jersey.)

He sang his new songs—yes, he's still recording and touring again—and did crowd favorites like Amarillo by Morning, my personal favorite, too.

For encores, he did more favorites like All My Exes Live in Texas


We watched highlights on YouTube from this concert.which broke an all-time U.S. attendance record for a concert. If you're a fan—or want to see why he's so popular—watch George Strait at Kyle Field Mini Concert.

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