Borrow eBooks from Your Library

Many popular ebooks and audio books are available at your local library. 

Most libraries are now set up to allow ebooks to be checked out just as print books are. These ebooks can be sourced from Amazon, Google, Apple, and most online retailers. 

Most readers have heard about this, but they haven't tried it because they don't know how to do it. You don't have to be a computer whiz to do this either.

If you're not utilizing your library, you're losing a great opportunity for a constant supply of good reading with ebooks and audio books.

The process is easy, and once you do it, you'll be hooked. Here's the process you need to know. It may vary a tiny bit depending on your libary system, but basically, it's like what follows.


To borrow ebooks from your local library in 2024, you can use your library's website or an app.

Using Your Library's Website

1. You must have a library user card. If you dn't have one, go to your nearest branch library and sign up. Some libraries now offer a virtual card. If you don't plan to check out print books, see if you can sign up for a virtual card for checking out ebooks and audio books.

2. Go to your library's website and look for the eBooks section

3. If the website asks for which service to use to browse for books, select one of those listed. Most libraries use  OverDrive

4. Browse for books. When you find a book, click Borrow.

5. In most cases, you'll get an email when the book is available.

6. If you're checking out a Kindle book, you'll probably have to sign into your Amazon account to finish and get the book downloaded to your Kindle.

Using an App to Borrow a Library Ebook

1. The app used will depend on what your library system uses. Many libraries use Libby, a cross-platform application that lets you borrow ebooks and audiobooks.

2. Download the app your library uses to your iPhone, Android phone, Kindle Fire, or Windows computer. If your library uses Libby, download the app for the device you plan to use.

3. Then, to borrow a book using Libby, open the app and answer "Yes" when asked if you have a library card.

4. Enter your library card account details.

5. Browse for books.

6. Tap or click on the thumbnail image of the book you want to borrow.

6. Tap "Borrow" then confirm your selection.


If you have a particular book you want to read or a favorite author that you can't find in your library's offerings, simply make a request at your local library for a title or an author's books. Chances are they will get what you want. (My ebooks are in the Overdrive system.)

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