Review: Person of Interest on Freevee

With all of the talk about artificial intelligence, this older TV series, Person of Interest, now streaming on Freevee, seems oddly prophetic.

The series debuted on CBS in September 2011 and ran for 5 seasons until canceled in May 2016.


Starring Jim Caviezel as former CIA operative John Reese—a man presumed dead by the government agency who sent him to "take care of" traitors and others out to harm the USA—the action thriller is about a crime-fighting team that's somehow able to target violent offenders before they actually commit a crime.

With reclusive billionaire software genius Harold Finch, beautifully portrayed by Michael Emerson, Reese eventually recruits a couple of cops, a sociopathic computer hacker, and another CIA agent who was rescued before she was eliminated, the crime-fighting team rights wrongs, saves those targeted for elimination, and confronts crooked cops, gangs, evil politicians, terrorists, and other greedy evil-doers who care little about human life or an individuals rights.

They do all this because of the amazing computer software Finch created, aided by the billionaire's money, the cops' belief in law enforcement ideals, and the covert-ops training possessed by Reese and the other agent who ends up on the team.

Then there's the Belgian Malinois Reese rescues. This beautiful dog called Bear in the series is played by Graubaer's Bogar, and he is delightful.


In today's world when we've heard far too much about AI, you'll realize immediately that The Machine has to be an artificial intelligence, but don't let that deter you from watching this great action series.

The strength of this series and what makes it imminently binge-worthy is that everything is tied together from the opening scene to the ending which is the way it had to end based on the character's past. When I say it's all tied together, it's astrounding how a thread here and there in each episode gets added to the tapestry until the complete picture has been created.

With that kind of storytelling and the actors who are so believable, this is one of those series where you cannot keep from clicking "Next episode" until you realize that it's bedtime.

As previously mentioned, Michael Emerson is Harold Finch and Jim Caviezel is John Reese.

The other series regulars are: Kevin Chapman as Lionel Fusco, a crooked cop who wants to be a good cop; and Taraji P. Henson as NYPD homicide detective Joss Carter.

Later Amy Acker as sociopathic hacker Root who doesn't hesitate to kill to get what she wants and Sarah Shahi as Sameen Shaw, an Intelligence agent marked for death are added to the cast.

Brett Cullen as Finch's partner in the creation of The Machine makes an appearance every few episodes.

The one thing I really liked about the series is how they handled backstory. That was unique and made it possible to tell events from the past without bogging the story down.


It's rare you find an action series that is so believable. Great storytelling, great acting, and ripped from the headlines themes make this 13-year-old series seem far too realistic given what's happening in today's world.

If you're watching Person of Interest, what do you think?

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