Sunday Thoughts About Affirmations

Good morning! It's a beautiful sunny day here in Texas, but we're praying for rain.

Unfortunately, writing, "It's raining today," and speaking that sentence and thinking it over and over, won't make it rain, will it?

Sunday Thoughts About Affirmations

Did you ever wonder if affirmations really work?

YouTube is glutted with videos "teaching" one how to overcome and improve everything in life by saying what you want over and over, writing it, thinking it, etc.

Truth or Fiction

Actually, there's a lot of truth in the power of affirmations. No, I don't think chanting, writing, or saying, "I win the Lottery on Satruday," will help you win the Lottery. However, affirmations can help you make significant changes in you by changing the way you think about YOU.

Here's how affirmations work, and how they can help you. Like golf, it's a mental game. In fact, most things in life that contribute to success are always mental.

Truth About Affirmations

There's a wonderful book by Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart, that contains Inspirational Thoughts for Living Your Best Life.

In the book, Mr. Bennett writes: "Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down."

Using affirmations is a way to get rid of the stuff that weighs you down. That "stuff" is what most of us "learned" in childhood from negative statements or situations—often from adults who were themselves weighed down with bad thoughts and fears.

1.Affirmations can help one overcome bad attitudes and low self-esteem, the problems many people struggle with. 

2. How can affirmations do that? Because you are consciously reflecting on the change you wish to make. Conscious thoughts when entertained regularly sift down to the subconscious which. to a great extent, makes you do the things you do.

3. Those ideas embedded in your subconscious make you act and react, often in ways detrimental to what you consciously say to yourself. It can be as simple as seeing a red dress and thinking, "Oh, I love that. I wish I could wear that." Then you pass on by the opportunity of buying the red dress. Your subconscious has told you, "You won't look good in that dress." Before you've even tried it on. That happens to women who have low self-opinions about their attractiveness.

4. Affirmations can help you eliminate or at least decrease the power of negative thoughts.

5. Affirmations can help you improve your image and opinions about yourself.

6. Affirmations can help you improve your self=confidence which leads to improvement in your ability to achieve goals. 

7. Affirmations can help fight anxiety—those feelings of panic or self-doubt that flood you when you attempt something out of your comfort zone.

8. You probably already use affirmations if, when faced with something a bit overwhelming,  you've told yourself, "I can do this."

9. Create your own affirmations directed at what you think is in dire need of improvement. Write it in a simple sentence in the present tense like, "I am strong and healthy."

10. Spend a few minutes a couple of times day, saying and/or writing the affirmation 10 times. Reflect on it.

11. Resist the temptation to try to change everything about your behavior and attitudes. Pick 1 thing and work on it.

If changing an attitude of negativity is your target, you'll know you're succeeding when a situation crops up that, in the past, you would have immediately thought, "I've failed again." But now you find yourself thinking, "That didn't work so I'll try something else." 

Takeaway Truth

Make affirmations a regular part of your self-help strategy, and they will improve your belief in yourself and your abilities.

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