Review: Fastball

If you're a baseball fan and can hardly wait for Game 1 of the 2021 World Series tonight, here's a documentary you must see.

Fastball: The Game is Played in the Blink of an Eye

This documentary, released in 2016, is all about the fastball and the pitchers who throw heat. It's also about the batters who fearlessly face these flamethrowers.

From Walter Johnson, the pitcher whose fast ball was first measured for speed, to the pitchers of today who followed in his footsteps, this film will have you grinning and cheering.

Many pitchers have surpassed Johnson's 82 mph throws, and you'll see a profile of these legends of the game along with many other Hall of Fame favorites. 

Directed by Jonathan Hock and narrated by Kevin Costner, the "cast" of Fastball is composed of baseball heroes and scientists who explain the science of throwing speed as well as the difference between a 92 mph fastball and a 100 mph pitch.

Nolan Ryan

One of my hometown favorites, Nolan Ryan, is prominently featured in the film. Since his retirement, many young people know him more for his Texas beef and the local TV commercials he does. Wake up, guys and gals!

Nolan - The Express - Ryan was one of the most dominating and intimidating pitchers baseball has ever known. He had the longest career of any player in major league history. When recruited by the Houston Astros in 1979, he became baseball's 1st million dollar man.

He still holds the record for most strikeouts of all-time (5,714), almost 1,000 more than #2 on the list, Randy Johnson. He also holds many other records including most no-hitters of all-time—7!!

You can find Fastball free on IMDB and YouTube. If you love this documentary, you can also buy from Amazon Prime.  (At the end of the film, you'll learn who threw the fastest pitch ever.)

My 2 Cents

I freaking LOVED this film! I highly recommend Fastball to any baseball fan and to anyone who wants to learn more about why baseball fans are so passionate about the game.

Takeaway Truth

Go, Houston Astros! Sorry, Braves fans—including one of my sons-in-law. I never root for anyone but the Astros. (Even though I did root for Nolan after he left the Astros.) Play ball!

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