I Went Treasure Hunting Or Did I?

Have I told you yet about going treasure hunting? The hunt for hidden treasure was unbelievable.

This adventure started with my father who never gave me anything but a hard time. Then he died and left me a key, but I didn’t know what the key unlocked.

However, he had arranged for this guy to join me in the Quest to find The Key To Kristina.

We traveled to a lot of different locations, and there were some shady people following us. To my surprise, the guy accompanying me turned out to be the kind of man I never thought I’d find.

We had so much in common: both had ex-cons for fathers, both had a strong will. He called me opinionated and bossy, but I’m really not. Maybe I can figure some things out that he can’t.

It was the greatest adventure. You’ll never guess what the treasure was. In fact, you’ll have to read…oh, wait. I’m so embarrassed. That adventure didn’t happen to me.

That happened to Kristina Rivera, the heroine of The Key to Kristina, a new book I wrote for Fortune’s Favor: The Treasure.

Oh, my, I had so much fun writing about Kristina and her Quest and Wyatt her partner who is a crusader for lost causes.

Fortune’s Favor: The Treasure 
Fortune favors the Bold, and bold women and men through the centuries have sought Fortune’s Favor in Life and Love.
A quest, hidden treasure, inheritance, Spanish Gold, and missing jewels inspire five riveting action adventure tales of women and men.

They seek redemption and rewards, search for legacies, reveal secrets, find romance, fall in love, and win that happily-ever-after that make all the challenges they must overcome worthwhile.
For the best Kindle Beach Read 2020, go treasure hunting with 5 NY Times and USA Today Bestselling, and Award-winning Authors as they seek Fortune’s Favor: The Treasure.

Takeaway Truth

That's the way a writer's mind works. I imagine all of these stories and then create people to have these adventures.

In a way, I live the adventure too. It's a lot of fun—especially when I get all of the story elements just right and the characters learn each other's secrets. 

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