Writers, Adopt These Marketing Ideas

If you have an online presence—whether you're an author or a thingamajig seller—you need to adopt these 3 ideas to be effective at Marketing and Promotion.

If you're not satisfied with your career thus far, you must do something different because if you keep doing the same old thing, you'll keep getting the same old results.

1. Think Long Term.

Instead of trying to figure out how to sell a Book today, focus on developing a marketing strategy that focuses on long term goals. Yep, go figure out what you want in the long term because becoming a "name" or selling a 10K books or thingamajigs this month isn't going to happen without a plan.

Write achievable goals designed to help you increase your name recognition and awareness of your brand. Start with one thing like blogging and building an audience and/or working 1 social medium consistently every day to build your brand.

Decide which 1 or 2 social media sites you'll use to build your brand because it's impossible to hit all of them every day and still have time to write. Learn all you can about your chosen vehicle. Decide what is doable for you. Then make a plan on how you'll do it.

Plan your work; work your plan. Be consistent. Be patient. Be in it for the long haul.

2. Figure out your brand.

What is your brand? What kind of writing are you known for or want to be known for?

You need to give a lot of thought to this because it's virtually impossible to market yourself and/or your work unless you know your product.

If you honestly don't know how to market your work and yourself, then find an author who writes a similar book.

See how they market themselves. Emulate. Don't copy. You want to be yourself, not the author you're modeling. The world doesn't need another Nora Roberts. You want the world to need you.

Be yourself, but learn how to present yourself and your work effectively in ways that don't make you feel like you're faking it. Once you've discovered or determined your identity as a writer, decide how you're going to get that point across. Then at every opportunity, display your brand online and in the real world.

3. Increase your visibility.

You must be noticed. No one will want to find your books if you sit quietly in a corner, hiding behind a potted palm.

Investigate low cost ways that make a big impact. Write articles, book reviews, blog often, guest blog, comment, speak up, Tweet, Facebook, attend writers club meetings, network.

There are thousands of ways to get noticed online and in the real world.

Figure out what you can do that is maybe just a step out of your comfort zone because you have to step out of your comfort zone to grow.

Takeaway Truth

Take action. Do something different. Discover your writer identity. Draw up a plan. Get moving.


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